What are online students saying about E-learning 101?

The reviews are in for E-learning 101, and they’re all 4 and 5 stars!E-learning 101

(Even Rupert the talking dog loves it...)

If you're new to online learning, E-learning 101 was written for you. It can help you if you’re:

• Somewhere between anxious to frankly terrified

• Procrastinating about getting started
• Too busy to wade through enormous books about online learning
• Keen to make progress on your e-learning course right now.

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So what are online learners saying about this book?

I love your book, I really do! (5 stars)

It is a mine of information and I love the strategies and tips; love the humour too! It is a fabulous resource for new learners … I couldn’t wait to see what was on the next page.

I wish I had it years ago when I first became an online facilitator with groups of brand new, anxious students – it would have made the world of difference to their learning curve.

Sue Dwan | Dwan & Associates | Read the full review

Perfect for all those people doing online courses

I am a deeply suspicious person when it comes to guidebooks. I find most of them unhelpful, ridiculously technical, and downright boring. So I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading this.elearning-101

For one, it’s funny. Yes, a funny guidebook. I never thought I’d see the day. It’s humorous and approachable and extremely user-friendly. Also, it’s short, which is a relief–large manuals are daunting things.

This guide is really comprehensive–and yet not laden with random trivia …. I’d definitely recommend it.

Damini Kane | Parchment Reviews | Read the full review

How-to manual for e-courses (5 stars)

If you need to take an online course for any reason, but are intimidated, confused, or have no self-discipline, this is a wonderful book. It's short, concise, gives clear advice, provides excellent worksheets, and even helps with procrastination and poor time management. A big bonus is the dog photo illustrations. I enjoyed them tremendously.

Java Davis |The Kindle Book Review | Read the full review

 I am very choosy about what I read… (5 stars)

… by page two I was hooked.

The design, colour and pictures are icing on a cake that is stuffed with information inserted in deliciously edible bite sized nibbles.

It was not only a breeze to read but it was fun and interesting … I now suddenly have an urge to do an online course.

If reading something about a subject that did not particularly interest me (I thought) had been this much fun when I was at school, I could have achieved anything.

Cathy Dee | CathyDee.com | Read the full review

Get hold of this bookelearning-101

Get hold of this book if you are a novice e-Learner and afraid of diving into this wonderful sea called e-learning. This book will not teach you swimming. Instead, without setting any false expectation, it will show you why you need not worry about the deep sea. This small e-Book is playfully written and very easy to read.

Bids | The Book Outline | Read the full review

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Packed full of great tips (4 stars)

I was blown away by how much great information was crammed into such a short book. … its clear, concise presentation of relevant material is impressive. For such a short book, it contains an amazing amount of pertinent information.

Steve Taylor | Read the full review

Highly recommend (5 stars)

As an online instructor and as a participant in e-learning, I highly recommend E-learning 101. An added bonus is that Liz Hardy has made learning about e-learning fun. I must mention the dogs throughout the book. They are adorable and fit right in. A perfect book for the adult e-learner.

Kellie MaRee | AndThatsNotAllThereIs | Read the full review

Good resource for those new to online learning (4 stars)

e-learning-101Providing reluctant online learners with a manual that breaks down e-learning into its most basic concepts, Dr. Liz Hardy has culled six years of experience with more than 3000 online learners into a book that users will find incredibly accessible.

Ekta Garg |The Write Edge Bookshelf & Book Pleasures | Read the full review

Students considering an e-course will be confident after reading this e-book (5 stars)

I wish I had a copy of E-learning 101 when I was getting ready to begin taking my online classes. It would have calmed my nerves and increased my confidence.

Valerie Federoff | ValRFederoff | Read the full review

Nifty, easy to read handbook! (5 stars)

This is a nifty little handbook for learning in an online setting.
It's a very short handbook, so getting through it is easy, and it is informative.
Dr. Liz Hardy does a very nice job of calming the nerves of those who may be interested in taking an online class but aren't sure if they can handle it.

Courtney Bauman | Bauman Book Reviews | Read the full review

Guide for perplexed online learners (5 stars)

I wish I'd had this book before I began my first online learning course…. elearning-101

The book is well-written, with a lively style that makes it a quick read. Just the thing for someone jump-starting their first online course.

This is what I like to call a right-sized book. At 48 pages, it is still comprehensive, dealing with all the major issues that are likely to trip up a newbie.

Kristen Stieffel | Read the full review

A useful learning tool (5 stars)

E-learning 101 takes only about an hour to read but it will reward you with the inspiration and drive to take on an e-learning course with success. This is the perfect book for anyone new to online learning by giving you small tasks to complete in each chapter. The tasks help focus you and get in control of your studying.

Rita | Rita Reviews | Read the full review

A quick, easily digested read

I love an author who can get to the point without taking the long way to it. You know how I don’t love reading tons of case studies, long intros about why you should do something, and convoluted fluff to increase page counts. Dr. Hardy doesn’t do any of those things…

If you’re thinking about taking online classes but aren’t sure if they’re for you, E-Learning 101: It’s Not as Tough as it Looks is definitely a must-read.

Nicole Etolen | Pretty Opinionated | Read the full review

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Easy reading, well-planned and easy to use, plus it's got dogs! (5 stars)

The dogs provide light-hearted, well-chosen illustrations to some simple lessons on how to start e-learning in an excellent, easy-reading book by an author who’s not trying to tell you what to learn or how to find a job, just how to learn using the wonders of modern technology. This nicely technological e-book is peculiarly satisfying…

The author tells how your chosen learning system should give you access to study material, present the material engagingly, then get out of your way so you can learn. As a microcosm of such a learning system, this manual truly works.

Sheila Deeth | Books, Books and More Books | Read the full review

The right preparation for e-learning (5 stars)

Dr. Liz Hardy to the rescue! Her book is a wise and witty explanation of what to do in order to make sure that readers don't just sign up for an online course but actually finish it as well.

If you are thinking of taking an on line course or have a kid that is thinking about signing up, get this book. It's worth every penny.

Laraine Flemming |LaFlemm.com | Read the full review

I loved the book! (5 stars)elearning-101

[E-learning 101] is the perfect example of well-written non-fiction. The graphics and layout are exemplary, AND the writing is polished and understandable.

As an online Master’s student, I found the book to be extremely helpful and caught myself taking notes. For the person new to e-learning or already technical e-learning students, E-Learning 101 provides a practical guide to introduce you to e-learning or help you brush up on your skills.

G. C. Denwiddie |The Indie Book Review | Read the full review

A must-read (4 stars)

When I began an online course some years ago it took me ages to learn how to negotiate my way around ... How helpful it would have been had this book accompanied the initial mail out.

Packed with easy to read instructions, explanations, handy hints and time management advice, this little book is a must-read for anyone contemplating doing an online course.

It has a positive, you can-do-it approach, even in the tricky area of scheduling online study into our all-too-busy lives. The simple, clear advice, accompanied by adorable doggy illustrations, is an inspiration to dive in, follow a passion or take the opportunity to upskill.

Lynette Vigrass | Read the full review

A fun, easy manual about e-learning (4 stars)

elearning-101This e-book is designed to be a fun, easy manual about e-learning. This book is designed intentionally to be short and upbeat to encourage adult learners with online education.

…having several years of online education under my belt, I recognize that a book of this simplicity and knowledge could have saved me the learning curve.

Truthfully, this book does what it promises.

Jonathan Esterman | Scripted Genius | Read the full review

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48 pages of pure gold! (5 stars)

Finally, adult learners who are either currently using e-learning or expect to be using e-learning can read a book that gives practical advice about what e-learning is like. There’s tips on scheduling time to work on your course, getting rid of procrastination (one of my personal bad habits) and avoiding loneliness. Really, what else can I say? This is 48 pages of pure gold!

Carrie Slager | The Mad Reviewer | Read the full review

A great precise learning tool (4 stars)

E-learning 101 is a precise read that will take about an hour or so out of your life but will reward you with the inspiration and drive to tackle an e-learning course with great success.

Michelle Doorey | Beagle Book Space | Read the full review

Clear and concise (5 stars)

… I took my first online college course this summer. Before I started, I was terrified! I haven't taken evenelearning-101 a traditional course in 13 years and now I'm taking one in unfamiliar territory. This e-book would have been fantastic to have before I took that course.

This book is very clear and concise, no long drawn out explanations, just quick and to the point.

Kristina Patton | Kristina’s Favorites | Read the full review

Great book to help you achieve your goals! (4 stars)

Dr Liz’s book is a brilliant piece of psychology that could be applied to many aspects of life – it’s won’t just help those embarking on e-learning.

She writes in a chatty, friendly way – don’t fear this is just another dry old piece of text book writing.

It’s not a long book – it won’t distract you from your ultimate goal. But it will help you get to grips with what’s ahead and allow you to face up to the challenge of e-learning.

Helen Baggott | Read Reviewed | Read the full review

Timely, relevant and valuable (4 stars)

Dr. Hardy has put her finger on the trend towards online learning/e-courses and created a short, easy to read primer...

She anticipates problems and questions -- everything from motivation to time management -- and addresses them in a friendly, professional, and helpful way.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell | RiverwoodWriter and Heartspoken.com | Read the full review

Easy to follow, friendly guide

Liz Hardy’s E-Learning 101 really is as simple – and helpful – as its title makes it sound … this book could not make it simpler to figure out what needs doing. And it comes with two added bonuses. First, it never once condescends, treating e-learning like an enthusiastic skill rather than a thing-you-really-should-have-learned-by-now-seriously-why-are-you-such-a-Luddite. Students new to the e-learning game probably get plenty of that from other sources; there is zero of it in this book.

Second, dogs. The assorted puppy photos in the book guide and create a lighthearted air without looking out-of-place or feeling saccharine. Hooray!

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re considering or have signed up for an online course and you’re at all nervous about how you’re going to handle it, check out this book. You’ll be glad you did.

Dani Alexis | The Book Cricket | Read the full review

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Getting the most out of online learning (4 stars)

This book took me about an hour to read and contained a lot of useful information … I would recommend E-learning 101 to anyone taking an online class, but this book would be especially helpful for nontraditional students.

Samantha Miranda | Read the full review

Great tips! (4 stars)

A quick little read, with some handy tips and insights into studying on-line. ... Highly recommended for anyone who is new to study, especially if you are e-learning. And great for anyone who hasn't gotten off the procrastination train.

Michele Harrod | Read the full review

Plenty of good stuff for the beginner (4 stars)

This book is good primer for those who are getting into E-Learning for the very first time. It covers all the basics and should be handy to many first time students as well, whether online or not. The book takes some handy hints and tips and puts them together in an easy to follow format.

If you are new to the world of E-Learning and looking to get your feet wet this book is a great starting point.

Robert D. Crane | CIOPS.com | Read the full review

Strategies to start e-learning the easy way (5 stars)

The advice you get in the eBook is down to earth, easy to understand and can even be applied to other areas of your life…

This book is shorter to work through than it appears at first sight. It is very well structured, fun to read, and the dog illustrations give it a playful feel, which I enjoyed. It is most helpful for people who are not particularly tech and internet savvy and the ones who are planning to go back to study as adults.

Barbara Bruhwiler | Expat Living | Read the full review

If you are an adult learner who's new to online learning, this guide's for you (4 stars)

Online learning can be a lot of fun and very satisfying - but there are challenges, especially for those of us who are easily distracted and prone to episodes of procrastination. Dr Hardy provides a practical and relevant guide, and I love the dog illustrations that appear on each page. Cutely relevant: even we old dogs can learn new tricks.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith | Top 500 Amazon Reviewer | Read the full review

A great book for anyone considering e-learning (5 stars)

This book presents the possibly unforeseen problems in taking an online course. It is presented well and is a good resource for anyone considering E-learning. It would make a good gift for family members who are contemplating learning by the internet.

Kay McCafferty | Kay’s Book Reviews | Read the full review

Takes the fear out of e-learning (4 stars)

The addition of various pictures of dogs with myriad of expressions removes the idea that this is another run of the mill 'how to' guide book. It says a lot without being condescending and anyone not sure about online courses would be motivated (and be confident) to get going after reading this book.

It's a guide that is quick to read. I've taken online courses before and would have been glad of guide such as this simply because Dr. Hardy motivates you, understands procrastination and makes you work out how to fit studying in to a busy life.

Shalini Ayre |LGib Book Review | Read the full review

Great book for new online learners (4 stars)

E-learning 101 is a quick read that should appeal to adults returning to the world of study after possibly many years of being away … a good book to start new students on their path of self-directed learning.

Sylvia Morice | Have You Read This | Read the full review

A good e-learning resource for the moderately web-savvy (4 stars)

Lots of good tips here that will indeed help an e-learner ground themself before launching into that first online course.

Lauri Owen | Critique de Book | Read the full review

Learn to e-learn (4 stars)

This short eBook covers areas that adult learners struggle with most. There are easy action steps you can apply to your own unique situation.

… After you complete the manual, I am sure your e-learning worries will be gone. You will find that e-learning can be fun!

Literary Marie | LiteraryMarie.com | Read the full review

It was a pleasure to read this book (4 stars)

The book is laid out in a simple and fresh manner with plenty of places to write down the practical steps that help transfer the theory into action. I thought the book addressed the challenges that face the e-learner in a direct but positive way and I would expect that those who might be intimidated by the prospect would find this a helpful resource.

Angus McFarlane | Read the full review

Have fun learning (5 stars)

E-learning 101 is a fun and easy to read guide with some great tips on how to study on-line. Not only is short and fast to have read but it also had some adorable dogs to keep you in company while you read…

Anyone who faces the opportunity of this type of learning should read this book because it is not only ideal for adults but for all ages. It has the greatest advices on how to manage your time, your tasks, your study group and more.

Ruth Benitez | Books are My Way of Living | Read the full review

Start here if you are new to e-learning (4 stars)

Dr. Hardy's book thoroughly addresses how to begin and complete an e-course with confidence…

This manual offers simple advice, and I suspect if a reader does follow it accordingly, s/he will complete any e-course successfully and will have also gained a new scope of technological confidence.

Amanda Peters | Read the full review

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Great goal setting and fear reducing guide (4 stars)

This is a book primarily for those who are in or considering an online course. It is filled with exercises to help one overcome fear and develop the skills needed for success in online learning.

The style is easy and fun, but as with any change, work is required. That necessary work is divided up into bite sized pieces, clearly explained, so that you can get the value without needing to flounder around looking for the elements that will make you successful at learning.

Keith Kendall | Read the full review

A short, to the point, guide for who's new to e-learning! (4.5 stars)

[E-learning 101 is] a fast guide for newbies, to get them through their worries and make them get to work. And it's really good on it, with applicable tips, exercises and good humor!

… I would definitely recommend this book to who is new to e-learning and wants a quick guide to get through the course.

Joana Augusto | Read the full review

Online learners can save time and be more confident

[E-learning 101] addresses my concerns and gives me the confidence I would need to know that I could follow through with an online learning course…

It’s a great resource and a must-have if you’re considering any online learning program!

Shannon Jarvies | The Tethered Mommy | Read the full review

LOVE the book

… really helpful compacting the information with tips in such a delightful presentation. Thank you for doing this in an outstanding way. I can be known to have moments of worrying a lot and it was great, it made me smile and get back into a better vibe for study.

Lucy Gardner | Online Learner

Full of quirky humour and cute dogs!

It was an attractive document to read as it was full of quirky humour and cute dogs - a drawcard for a quirky dog lover type person like me.

I found myself quoting some of the funny sentences to colleagues and drew them into a discussion about E-learning thereafter …

It was a well thought out and relevant read - I trusted the voice it came from as one who had 'been there and done it all' before.

Dena Cowen | Online Learner

For the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER in e-learning (4 stars)

Dr. Hardy actually tackles one of the biggest issues in internet based courses -- time management and procrastination … Dr. Hardy's time management and self-motivation tips and tricks are right on the money.

Angela McCall | Read the full review

An easy read (4 stars)

E-learning 101 is a very informative book, suitable for adults and young adults who have an interest in doing e-learning in the future. It's an easy read, and very straight forward. Plus the dogs make it fun to read!

Nada Qamber | Interested in All | Read the full review

Very valuable for studying online (4 stars)

This guide would be a valuable resource to anyone who was going to, or who already is studying online. It is relatively short, with six lessons on how to get the most out of this method of study. Each lesson provides simple and straight forward advice, as well as practical action points to carry out. I found the writing style refreshingly to the point, with a bit of humour thrown into the mix.

Hayley | Read the full review

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