About Dr Liz Hardy

Online learners are a special breed!

We may never have met, but I wonder if I already know you just a littDr Liz Hardyle bit…

•  You’re too busy to study
•  You’re anxious about how e-learning works
•  Without access to the usual student support networks, you feel stranded and alone.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry – I’m not stalking you!

I’ve worked with around 3,000 online learners who were exactly where you are right now. So I know how you feel. 

I’m Liz. I offer clear and simple e-learning answers to all the issues online learners face. I write books and articles about online learning that are a little different from what’s already out there.

Like my book E-learning 101. The practical lessons in this book can help fix your e-learning problems in around an hour - and make you smile at the same time. 

Online learners are telling me they love the book!

E-learning 101

One reader called it "the perfect book for anyone new to online learning".

Another said "I couldn't wait to see what was on the next page". (See what other people have said about E-learning 101 - or sample it for free.)

I'm thrilled to hear readers confirm that my approach works. I passionately believe that simple, practical advice – with a little humour thrown in – can transform your e-learning experience.

Online learning is NOT the hardest thing you’ll ever do – it’s just your current challenge. With a little help, you can triumph.

Simple, isn't it?



So how do I know the e-learning answers?

Three reasons.

1. I’m an e-learning professional

So far, I’ve helped around 3,000 online learners in 21 papers, from beginners to graduates. (Chances are I can help you, too!)

I know e-learning inside out - I facilitate online courses, assess student work, develop new courses, and supervise postgraduate students.

2. I’m formally qualified

I have degrees and diplomas in several disciplines, including Adult Education, Business, and Journalism.

I’ve been a teacher AND a student – so I know how you feel, and what you’re struggling with.

3. I know education can transform your life

How do I know that? Because it transformed mine!

Years ago, I went to work every day in Office Hell. My own screams of pain were giving me a headache. Correcting my manager’s spelling, and writing offensive fantasy resignation letters didn’t really help.

I knew there had to be a better way, and sure enough, there was. I applied for university, and everything changed. My whole future suddenly opened up.

I’d love to help you have the same experience with e-learning.

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